an initiative of World Relief Australia

The Shelter Shed commits to zero tolerance of child abuse. We (and our implementing partners) will therefore:
• Treat all children everywhere with respect regardless of ethnicity, gender, religion, disability, social status or political persuasion
• Refrain from using language or behaviour towards children that is demeaning, harassing, culturally inappropriate or sexually provocative
• Never engage children in any form of sexual activity or acts
• Interact with children in such a way so as to facilitate transparency and accountability to other adults
• Appoint teams rather than individuals to work with unaccompanied children
• Refrain from physical punishment or discipline of children in the course of rendering aid
• Not hire children for domestic tasks or other labour inappropriate for their developmental stage, which places them at risk of injury or prevents them from accessing education
• Comply with all relevant Australian and local legislation, including labour laws in relation to child labour
• Immediately report and investigate any concerns/allegations of child abuse with appropriate procedures
• Appropriately use technology around children, including computers, mobile phones, video and cameras, and never engage in exploitative, harassing or pornographic activities
• Comply with local traditions and cultural expectations when photographing/filming children
• Obtain consent from the child or guardian prior to photographing/filming
• Ensure all images present children in a dignified and respectful manner, adequately clothed and not in sexually suggestive poses
• Not use images in such a way as to reveal identifying information about the child
• Ensure all images are honest representations of the context and facts

To view our comprehensive Child Protection Policy, please contact The Shelter Shed.